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Shoulder Carry Foam Pad


Do you have a lightweight solo canoe (or kayak)? Does a full clamp-on yoke seem like overkill for the short distances you’re portaging? Here’s the simple and economic solution.

The Shoulder Foam Carry Pad makes it comfortable to rest one gunwale on your shoulder while the other gunwale rests on your hip, and the canoe is carried on its side. Only one pad required per canoe.

Walnut Laminated Thwart


Our signature walnut and ash laminated thwart, fits all tandem and solo canoes. 33″ long.


Walnut Laminated Yoke


Signature laminated walnut and ash yoke. 36″.


Ash Yoke


Ash construction. 36″ fits all Northstar canoes except B 19.


Ash Thwart


Fits either tandems or solos. 34″ long.

Ash construction.


Ash Curved Thwart, fits Pack Canoes


Ash construction. Contour cut for backband installation.


Ash Grab Handle


Ash construction.


Aluminum Thwart


36″ long. Bronze anodized.

Yoke/Thwart Hdwr, set


A pair of stainless steel bolts, locknuts, and finish washers. Bolts are long enough to install yokes or thwarts on any of our three trim options.