If there were shop cam, you’d see Ted buzzing around the factory getting his hands dirty. He’s never been able to sit still and is always looking for better ways to do things. One thing Ted would never want to be accused of is resting on his laurels. In the words of a friend, “Ted only has two speeds: stopped and full throttle.” After running three canoe companies you’d think Ted would stop trying to create the perfect canoe, but fortunately he can’t.

On the shop cam you’d see Charlie in his apron, either experimenting with resin or working on a mold. He has a deep background in composites and chemistry and functions as our resident mad scientist. Charlie has built sail boats and power boats, and with training in naval architecture, David Yost, longtime Bell and Northstar designer, has anointed Charlie his successor.

When someone answers the phone, it’s likely Bear. He runs the office for the three quarters of each year that he’s sleeping indoors. Most years he spends a month on wilderness canoe trips and another month winter camping. He’s done long trips in the Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and many states. He often shares his wilderness knowledge and experiences at Canoe Symposiums, and by leading high school students on canoe and winter trips.

So, leave us a message, and we’ll certainly get back to you. Please be patient because we’re busy doing what we love – making and paddling great canoes.