Start out doing easy trips when the kids are young. There’s no minimum age. But there is also no child seat built for canoes (as far as we know). You’re stuck with free-range munchkins.

But you can make things easier by using our camp rig. It has a 3rd seat that is wide enough for two kids to sit side-by-side. We put the 3rd seat right behind the bow seat so the kids are near the bow paddler, who can more easily handle kid-related concerns. Ted pioneered the camp rig with his kids Tucker and Caitlin.

Look for a campsite on a smaller island. Take a look around the island for kid hazards. Make sure they keep their life preservers on with whistles attached. Then let them go explore and have fun. No need to haul toys. Let nature be their playground.

Having the whole clan in one canoe guarantees family memories.