It’s no mystery why beginners feel comfortable in a flat bottom canoe. The initial stability of the flat bottom offers a solid platform that makes a novice feel at ease. But that same design feature quickly turns against the paddler once the water becomes fast or rough.

Northstar Canoes feature an elliptical hull design by the renowned designer David Yost. Ellipses have gentle curves, creating good initial stability.

Flare is another design hallmark of David Yost. Flare guarantees you a dry canoe, but it also creates a canoe with unparalleled secondary stability. As the canoe is leaned over it keeps getting wider, which means it keeps getting more stable and resistant to capsize.

The result of an elliptical hull and flare is a canoe that handles well for beginners, yet performs at a level experts rave about. With a Northstar Canoe, beginners can become experts.